The Osmosis App Map

What I love about the app is just how simple it is. See the image? Have you clicked on it to see everything? That’s it! That’s the app. And not only is the app fairly simple, it’s very powerful. On the top in the Settings, Scoreboard, and Topics pages, you can choose exactly what and … Continue reading “The Osmosis App Map”

Osmosis Interns

Though Osmosis has a core team of five, we couldn’t do anything without our interns bringing us coffee. Just kidding! At least about the coffee. We really couldn’t do a lot without them. We usually steal their phones to test Osmosis on, and when they can no longer text, they do a ton of research … Continue reading “Osmosis Interns”

Designer Icons

Allison here! Well, mostly. We’ve been working hard so I’m not all there. But I thought I’d invite you into my little design corner to see some of what I’ve been working on. By now most of you have visited the Facebook Page and have seen a few of the screenshots we’ve released. Unfortunately I don’t … Continue reading “Designer Icons”