Osmosis for Institutions: Introducing Timeline

Through our conversations with faculty and administrators whom we’ve met at the AAMC, AMA, and Medbiquitous conferences we’ve learned that schools – like students – are overwhelmed with medical information.  Where students have to learn more than they can retain, medical schools have to teach more information than they can easily manage. This problem is … Continue reading “Osmosis for Institutions: Introducing Timeline”

Guest Post: Bringing Osmosis to Medical Schools

We want to take this opportunity to introduce an amazing colleague of ours, Caleb Furnas, who has been helping medical schools understand how they may “teach by Osmosis.” He joined Osmosis at the AAMC and Philadelphia IMPACT conferences, and did a great job of conveying our excitement to attendees of both meetings. We know you’ll enjoy … Continue reading “Guest Post: Bringing Osmosis to Medical Schools”

Guest Post: A premed student writes about learning by Osmosis

Olivia is an incredible premedical student (not only does she do research, she also competes in triathlons!) who approached us via Twitter after she heard about what we were doing for medical students. She is now working with a team of fellow premedical students, including Nebiyu Osman and Biruk Bekele at UPenn, to explore whether … Continue reading “Guest Post: A premed student writes about learning by Osmosis”

If Santa Claus Were Your Patient

One feature that medical students really like about Osmosis is that our questions often include references to popular culture, ranging from Harry Potter to Jersey Shore. This is based on cognitive psychology studies that have shown such references, or “anchors,” improve memory and retention.  In the spirit of the holidays we found a surprising number of Christmas … Continue reading “If Santa Claus Were Your Patient”

Osmosis Ambassador Spotlight: Brian Gans, Penn State College Of Medicine, MS2

Osmosis is focused on improving the way we learn. To this end, we heavily rely on student feedback as we develop our app and web platform. We would not be able to create Osmosis without the help and input of our peers, i.e. medical students. Thus we have brought together an impressive group of Osmosis … Continue reading “Osmosis Ambassador Spotlight: Brian Gans, Penn State College Of Medicine, MS2”

Why Medical Schools are Pumping out Entrepreneurs

This piece is an article originally published in Entrepreneur and written by Shiv Gaglani. The original piece can be seen here.Going to medical school can impart many vital pieces of knowledge from critical thinking skills and pathology of diseases to healthy-living practices and saving lives. But the experience can also teach you the value of a dollar.In … Continue reading “Why Medical Schools are Pumping out Entrepreneurs”

Learning through Osmosis: A Collaborative Platform for Medical Education

Osmosis has its roots in research. When Ryan and I met on Day 1 at Hopkins Med we immediately developed a mutual respect for each other’s research backgrounds. Ryan earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Cambridge/NIH (through a Marshall Scholarship) and I wrote my undergraduate thesis in neuroscience and had been doing research since I … Continue reading “Learning through Osmosis: A Collaborative Platform for Medical Education”