Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine…

Today’s an exciting day for us – together we’ve just hit the 1 millionth learning node on Osmosis! What’s a learning node? It’s something specifically designed to help you to learn: a picture of a child with roseola, a flashcard about Renin, an x-ray of a Type 1 Salter-Harris fracture, etc. If you add up … Continue reading “Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine…”

Osmosis Presents at the AAMC 2014 Meeting!

Were you at the AAMC Annual Meeting? Osmosis was too! We were invited to present both a poster on our research findings as well as an oral presentation during the Monday November 10th session on “Implementing Technology to Advance Medical Knowledge Across Borders.” The purpose of this session was to inform attendees on various innovations that utilize … Continue reading “Osmosis Presents at the AAMC 2014 Meeting!”

Meet Our Medical Scholars!

Osmosis is currently working on an Open Educational Resources Initiative that is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. We are excited to announce our Medical Scholars who are coordinating the creation and curation of high-quality resources for each of 12 different specialities. Our scholars come from all over the globe and contribute a wide range of interests … Continue reading “Meet Our Medical Scholars!”

Another Step Toward Open Health Education

This post was originally published on The Health Care Blog by Shiv Gaglani, Ryan Haynes, and Dr. Michael Painter. Earlier this month Shiv and Ryan published a piece in the Annals of Internal Medicine, entitled What Can Medical Education Learn from Facebook and Netflix?We chose the title because, as medical students, we realized the tools our classmates are … Continue reading “Another Step Toward Open Health Education”